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Choosing Colors for Your Home

Choosing Colors for Your Home

Choosing Colors for Your Home

If you’re not sure what colors to choose for your new home, here’s a simple rule that may help: The closer a color is to brown or grey, the more neutral it is, which is why whites, greys and beiges tend to be quiet and conservative. The closer the color is to being primary, the more stimulating it will be, like red for dining rooms to stimulate appetites and conversation.

The important test when choosing colors is what effect you want them to have. Do you want your home to be calming and relaxing or energizing? Preppy or boho? The more neutral you go, the more you want to pump up textures. With more color, smoother textures work better. Add drama with color opposites like black and white, or blues and yellows. Purples and greens lend a subtle suggestion of luxury in deeper shades.

Consider colors that were used when your home was built, such as teals and pinks for the 50’s, earth tones for the 70s, or jewel tones for the 90’s. Picking colors found in a favorite rug or painting can also work. Choose the most neutral color for large areas, and save the brighter colors for accessories. You can also bring in more color with dishes and glassware.

Start with a light, neutral tone for the walls and carpets. Larger pieces of furniture like the sofa and chairs can have a little more color but save bright color accents lamps, pillows, and bedding.

Jekyll Island Real Estate

What You Need to Know: Jekyll Island Real Estate

Jekyll Island Real Estate

With the recent introduction of The Cottages at Jekyll Island, Single Family Home Sales have increased drastically over the last year.  Up 52% since 2016 and with an average sales price that has increased over 26%, it’s safe to say that the new oceanfront residential community is a popular choice in the area.*

Residents of Jekyll Island enjoy the scenic natural surroundings, small-town community feel and deep connection to local history that Jekyll offers. The fee simple title and ownership of real property on Jekyll Island is owned by the State of Georgia – which means all residential property on Jekyll is subject to a land lease ownership structure with the JIA. Read more on their website. 

To learn more about real estate opportunities on Jekyll Island, please contact us at  You can also Browse Current Jekyll listings on our website.

*Statistics courtesy of Golden Isles MLS, statistics run Jan-July 2017 vs Jan-July 2016.

Financial Advice for Home Buyers and Sellers

Why No Two CMAs Are Alike

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, your agent will give you a market snapshot known as the comparative market analysis (CMA). Comparisons are based on similar homes within a given search area, using size, age, features, condition, location, whether the homes have sold recently and which are currently on the market.

Buyers use CMAs to help them make offers while sellers use CMAs to help them price their homes for sale or to adjust the price. As soon as a home sells or a new home comes on the Financial Advice for Buyers and Sellersmarket, the previous CMA is no longer relevant and your agent can generate a new one for you.

Prices may vary widely, even between identical homes. One property may simply offer better drive-up appeal or more extensive updates. CMAs differ widely by search perimeters like number of bedrooms, views, swimming pools, or a broader search area.

There’s always going to be a home that sold for an astronomical figure, or the one that sold for pennies on the dollar, so you might throw out the highest and lowest priced homes because there’s no knowing why a seller undersells or a buyer overpays. Family pressures, corporate relocations, and other reasons won’t be in the CMA.

Consider how quickly homes are selling, whether they sold for list price or above, or if homes are experiencing price reductions. Your agent will explain how home sales are trending and what strategies may work best for you to get the home you want.