Realtor Q&A: Luke Pigge

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Family: Pat Hodnett Cooper (mother), Anne Hodnett (grandmother), Randy Pigge (father), Kelly Pigge Bennett (sister), Colton Bennett (nephew) Years in the Golden Isles: 29 years, as I was born and raised here! After graduating from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, I extended my brief hiatus from the Golden Isles seeking to gain further experience in the hospitality industry and explore the wild western frontier of Jackson Hole, Wyo. I returned to St. Simons permanently in 2017, and couldn’t be happier to call this beautiful place my home. Favorite landmark in the Golden Isles: Little St. Simons Island is one of my favorite spots to explore in the Golden Isles. I had the pleasure of participating in an internship program on the little island during the summer of 2011, and was fortunate enough to live there in a small cabin for 12 weeks. It was truly a memorable experience meeting guests from all around the world and learning about the unspoiled natural habitats and serene beaches that this unique landscape has to offer. Who or what inspired you to become a Realtor: Having grown up in a tight-knit family of long-time Realtors, I guess it is fair to say that real estate and sales have been forever embedded in my blood. Come to think of it, I was speaking real estate jargon long before I could even write in cursive. My grandfather, Roy Hodnett, and mother, Pat Hodnett Cooper, have been the absolute biggest sources of inspiration for me during my pursuit of a career in real estate. I vividly remember when I was a child tagging along with my mom to go to open houses or showings whenever I had the opportunity. I was always so excited to meet the other sales professionals, previewing luxury homes and working with new people. Now that I hold my own real estate license, I am just as excited to be out there building relationships and helping families with all of their real estate needs on a daily basis. A local you admire: Although he may not have been born in the area, my near and dear friend, Kris Maichle, is someone I truly admire. Kris is the general manager of Hodnett Cooper Vacation Rentals, and has been involved with the company for over 15 years. His professional characteristics and understanding of family values makes him one of the most genuine, hard-working gentlemen I know. Kris would give the shirt off of his back to anyone, and I am extremely lucky to have him as a brotherly figure in my life. As a third generation realtor, describe the legacy your grandfather started: Ever since my grandfather passed away this past April, not a day has gone by without someone sharing a new story or anecdote involving him. Whether it’s a story about an extraordinary deal he made early on in his second career or how he helped lift a friend in need, it always makes me smile. As a decorated World War II veteran, philanthropist, and loving family man, he taught me the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and to always live by the Golden Rule. He constantly preached to me about the precious gift of life, and not to take anything or any day we have on this earth for granted. Through the many life lessons and examples that my grandfather passed along to me and my sister, Kelly, there is no doubt that his legacy will continue to grow and forever live on here in the Golden Isles. My family and I love this community so much.

Describe a perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: Taking an early morning bicycle ride down to the south end for the sunrise and some quality beach time is the best way to start a Saturday in the Golden Isles, in my opinion. It is most ideal to complete at least four rounds of Bocci Ball and enjoy one relaxing nap in the lounge chair, all before lunch time. Once I’m warmed up and have a slight sunburn, I head over to any one of our world-class golf courses to get a quick 18 holes on the score card. Since it is a “perfect Saturday,” I easily shoot a score that breaks 75 and lose zero golf balls. After a fulfilling day of beaching and golfing, I find it best to cool down with a Braves game and maybe one or two ice-cold margaritas at one of the local-favorite watering holes of St. Simons, all topped off with some of our island’s famous barbecue brisket. That’s my kind of Saturday!

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