REALTOR: Erin Vaughn

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Erin Vaughn

Realtor, Associate Broker

Berkshire Hathaway Hodnett Cooper Real Estate

Family: Brittni Vaughn (wife), Kynli Flowers (daughter), and we have twin boys (Cason and Shepley) due in December. Years in the Golden Isles: 31 years, I was born and raised here in the Golden Isles. After graduating from Brunswick High School in 2006, I went on to receive my real estate license at 19 years old, and then obtained my associate broker’s license at 27 years old. Who or what inspired you to become a Realtor: My mom, Stephanie Foster Webb, definitely had the biggest inspiration on me becoming a Realtor. Watching her work from a rookie agent to a top producing agent in our community was very eye opening. She was helping people make one of the biggest financial decisions of their life and I wanted to be a part of helping people achieve that goal. To me, going in different homes and seeing unique styles and layouts is very exciting. Oh, and your house is never safe if you live with a Realtor. I remember growing up, mom called me after school one day and said “Hey, I’m bringing these buyers by in about 30 minutes to look at our house. The house they describe that they want sounds like ours.” I immediately responded, “We’re selling our house?!” Sure enough, the buyers loved it and we had to be out in 10 days for a quick closing. It’s funny now looking back because I’ve thought about doing the same thing several times to my house. Every day is a new adventure in real estate and that’s what I love. Favorite Landmark: My favorite landmark in the Golden Isles is the Pier area. I love going walking around as a family and there is something about the ocean that is calming to me. Our daughter loves the playground, as any kid would, so evenings spent there are a favorite for me. A perfect Saturday in the Golden Isles: Wake up and take our two dogs, Theodore and Lucy, for a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise would be the best way to start a Saturday. We would lay out to work on tans and watch our kids play in the sand. As soon as it became too hot, head over to one of our favorite sushi restaurants on St. Simons. I’m a pretty laid back person, so after lunch we would catch a comedy movie at the theater to keep the good vibes going that day. Later that evening, we would have friends and family over to grill out and watch the Georgia Bulldogs play on the big screen. Since this is “a perfect Saturday,” the bulldogs would beat Alabama in the National Championship game for a great ending to the day! Go Dawgs! A local you admire: I am going to be redundant here and say my mom. She was working a normal 9-5 job that she liked but her passion was real estate so she went for it. Starting from scratch in real estate, not knowing anyone is tough, especially when you have three kids to raise. Real estate is not a guaranteed income job, so I very much admire how she hit the ground running as soon as she got her license. She works hard and always treats everyone with kindness and respect. We were raised on that Golden Rule and I instill that into my professionalism every day with clients. From day one when I started my career, she has helped and pushed me to become a better Realtor. Mom has always been a top agent in our company and from the beginning of my real estate career I have aspired to be a top agent as well. I love getting to work with her every day and learn from her. To say I have the best mentor is an understatement.

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