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Outlook for Housing 2022

Housing was one of the strongest sectors of the economy for 2021, but rising interest rates and inflation are causing many to wonder if sales will continue as strong in 2022.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of REALTORS, believes the number of home sales will decline in 2022 but will still outpace pre-pandemic levels, based on continuing demand from homebuyers. More inventory is becoming available from home builders and from homeowners who will no longer receive loan forbearance and may decide to sell their homes instead.

Goldman Sachs economists predict that home prices will climb another 16%, reports Yet, Corelogic has lowered its forecast from 2.2% to 1.9%, according to Fortune.comFannie Mae is predicting that mortgage rates will rise to an average of 3.4% next year, while the Mortgage Bankers Association believes rates will rise to 4%. points out that the Federal Reserve predicted 1.8% inflation for 2021, but the real number is closer to 6.2% set in October – the highest rate since 1990. In real numbers, if a buyer puts 20% down on a $500,000 home, they will have a monthly payment of $1,682 at 2.98%. At 4%, the monthly payment would be $1,910.

So, should you buy a home or wait it out? If economists can’t agree on their outlooks, you probably shouldn’t try to time the market either. Housing is a terrific hedge against inflation, so instead, ask yourself what you can afford and go from there.  

The Most Critical Period for New Listings

Your home’s marketing begins when your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional submits your listing to the local multiple listing service, or MLS. Brokers share their listings with other brokers in the MLS, making it the best chance of selling your home quickly and for the most money.

During the critical first two weeks of marketing, your listing agent will schedule your home on the MLS tour for other agents to see as well as contact their network to let them know your house is coming on the market. The MLS distributes data about your home on the MLS website, your broker’s website, other broker websites, and third-party sites such as

Other data such as mapping, satellite image, neighborhood information, tax roll data, and school information is added to your listing so that buyers can get the full picture of what it’s like to live in your home.  Your listing agent may also advertise your home in newspapers, online home magazines, and in their broker’s marketing tools such as e-magazines, newsletters, and email alerts to prospective buyers. And they’ll put a for-sale sign in your yard. Every potential buyer will know your home is for sale.

When your home is new to the market, that’s the most exciting time to buyers. If you get few showings or offers, you need to know immediately. Feedback from other agents and buyers will tell you what you need to do to make your home more appealing. 

Market Statistics January 2022

What’s going on in local real estate? Check out real estate statistics from Coastal Georgia in January – what’s gone up? What’s come down? Ready to make a move? Have questions? Give us a call! 912.638.5450
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