Best Places to Raise a Family

Did you know that the average American family moves approximately once every five years? According to, about 15.3 million American households move each year. Most families (40.2%) relocated less than 50 miles from their old home, but 24.7% moved 500 miles or more and 10% moved out of state, according to

Families move for many reasons, such as wanting a better home; new job or job transfer; finding a cheaper home; buying a first home; to be closer to schools or work and wanting a better, safer neighborhood. Others want good schools; safe walking areas; lots of amenities like parks and museums; and a wide range of outdoor activities.

You’ll find numerous rankings for “best cities for families” online for metros of all sizes, but seldom do researchers choose the same best cities because of differing criteria. ranked Fremont, California as their number one based on overall scores for the number of playgrounds and attractions; air and water quality; infant mortality rates; high school graduation rates; and costs of childcare, living and housing and more. rates Huntsville, Alabama number one based on its median annual salary ($58,730); residents spending just 20.12% on cost of living; median home prices ($192,667) and air quality. named Ann Arbor, Michigan as top choice based on low crime rates, affordability, blue ribbon schools, and its urban forest vibe.

Whatever your reasons for moving, be sure to look up commute times; healthcare and fitness; public transportation; housing costs; and job growth.

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