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Name: Connor Burke

Family: My wife, Jessica Bush Burke, is a fitness instructor and personal trainer at The Club, and we have five children, Olivia, Katelynn, Reid, Scotland and Hazel.

Years in the Golden Isles: I was born and raised in the Golden Isles, but spent 13 summers leading canoe trips in the Canadian wilderness and traveled for some time after college before returning home to settle down.

School: University of Georgia and post-grad at Georgia Southern University.

Occupation: Teacher in the Golden Isles for 12 years and recently transitioned into real estate with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hodnett Cooper.

Describe the ideal night out in the Golden Isles: My ideal night out would be watching the sunset, followed by dinner at one of our favorite spots, some local live music, frozen yogurt and a moonlit walk on the beach.

How would you describe the perfect weekend for you and your family? My family loves the outdoors and doing anything competitive or active, such as riding bikes or playing games. We love taking the kids surfing and taking turns catching some waves together.

What inspired you to become a Realtor? I was inspired to become a Realtor because the nature of the job allows me to meet so many people that I may have never met otherwise. Building strong relationships brings me a lot of satisfaction and joy. I love helping others accomplish their real estate goals and enjoy helping them solve problems. I am also a very analytical person, so I enjoy the numbers side of the business as well. My late grandfather, James H. Burke, was a successful Realtor on St. Simons so I am grateful to be able to follow in his footsteps.

What do you believe are the attributes for becoming a successful Realtor? I believe a successful Realtor must consistently follow the Golden Rule and treat others the way they would want to be treated. Buying or selling a home is a major life decision and deserves the care and attention that matches the magnitude of that transaction.

How would you describe the Golden Isles to a first-time visitor? The Golden Isles is a beautiful place, but it is the people that set us apart from other coastal communities. We have such a diverse, loving and caring community that welcomes visitors and treats them like neighbors. We have a wealth of local talent and culture that have spawned unique local businesses.

What You Should Know About Browsing Listings Online

As you browse listings on BHHSHodnettCooper.com or  realtor.com, you may find homes you like that appear to be unavailable, due to some kind of contingency. If you find the perfect home, but it’s labeled Active Kick Out or Contingent, should you pursue it or forget it? What You Should Know About Browsing Listings Online:

The reality is that contracts fall through sometimes. If you have a back-up contract, you can buy the home should it come “Back on Market” or “BOM.”

Active kick out
Active kick out means the seller has accepted a contingent offer, such as the buyer has a home to sell before they can close on the seller’s home. The seller can reserve the right to accept a better offer and “kick out” the previous buyer. They must give the first buyer 48 to 72 hours to either remove the contingency and move forward with the purchase, or back out of the contract.

Nearly all offers-to-buy have contingencies. Typical contingencies include provisions that the home must meet the appraised value by the mortgage lender’s third-party appraiser, or it must pass a professional third-party home inspection to the buyer’s satisfaction. The buyer may make the contract contingent upon the lender funding the purchase.

Option period
Option periods give the buyer time to get financing and complete home inspections and the appraisal. Unless the buyer acts on a contingency, the home is considered out of option but it can still fall out of escrow.

To learn more, contact your Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices network professional.

Should You Buy a Home With A Swimming Pool?

It’s the heat of the summer, and you want a home with a swimming pool but before you go off the deep end, make sure the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Swimming pools are a strong part of the outdoor living trend. They’re fun for all ages, they promote fitness, and they give you a great place to entertain family and friends. They also add costs, increased liability and ongoing maintenance. So, to help you decide if it’s worth it, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you and your family members swim now? Would you swim more in a pool of your own?

Are pools popular in your area? Do you have a long, hot swimming season?

Does the pool complement the home? Or did the pool replace an amenity you might need such as a play-yard?

How old is the pool? Do any mechanical components need to be replaced? Are there any visible cracks, broken tiles, or cloudy water that could mean large expenses coming?

Where will people change their clothes and use the restroom? Will they leave tracks through the house?

Ask the seller for any maintenance and repair records they might have for the pool, and include the pool in the home inspection. Obtain recent prices from local pool companies on similar pools and see if you are overpaying for the seller’s pool, especially if it needs updating. Most pool companies are happy to oblige in order to get the maintenance, repair, or redesign business from the new owner.